Friday, November 23, 2012

Quick Background of My Life.

My name is Emily. I'm fourteen and I live in Georgia. I've always been such a mama's girl. When I was about six and a half, my mom became pregnant with my brother,Kenneth. At first I was SO excited. I'd always wanted a sibling. My heart was more set on a sister, but at the time I didn't really care. When my mom started to go into labor, I had slept in my parent's bed that night. I remember my dad waking me up and saying "Emily, we're going to the hospital." I groaned and mumbled, "there's nothing wrong with me." I then tried to go back to sleep. "your mom is having the baby!" my dad shook me again. I remember suddenly having a burst of energy and I jumped out of bed. I stayed at the hospital room by myself until my Grammy and G-daddy got there. Finally I met my little brother. I helped a lot during the first year or so. And then the little green monster came and I wanted my mom to myself again.

I don't remember when it was, but I came home one day to find my dad packing up and moving out. My mom explained that they were getting separated and with my all, I hoped it was just temporary, But no, my parents became divorced. It was just us three now, me, my mom, and Kenneth. It was actually perfect this way. I loved it. I saw my dad a lot and I loved just three people in one house. We hardly had any fights.

The first day of sixth grade is when I met my best friend (and she still is), Regan Decastro. I found out she lived in my neighborhood and she came to my house every morning before school to get on the bus and usually either she came over or I went to her house after. It was perfect. Sixth and seventh grade I was finally cool and most everyone liked me. I loved school, Awtrey Middle, and everything was great. I remember one day in Mrs. Lipscomb's class a new guy walked in. At the time I thought like everyone else did, just make the new kid think you're cool, be their friend, blah blah blah. He was shy. The only time he really ever said anything to me was in P.E. when he told me to watch his Gatorade. I hid it under me and he laughed, but that was about it. My mom had met this new guy that I absolutely hated, frank (and he's bald) and his daughter Maddy. I would be moving over the summer. So his guy, he signed his yearbook and I thought I'd never see him again, but at the time I didn't really care.

So you know how there's those fake Facebook accounts that people make? Yeah, so there was one of these and she was sooooo obviously fake. But, she had a real boyfriend. His name was Cody Gaines. I looked at his profile one day and noticed the guy next to him in almost all his profile pictures was Cj. That same guy in the paragraph above. Haha, wow. I thought. I added him on Facebook and waited for him to confirm it so I could message him. Don't get me wrong though, I just wanted to do a friend thing and let him know about his brother's "girlfriend." nothing more, I swear. He finally accepted my friend request and I messaged him: heyy. You know your brother's girlfriend is a fake right? He replied: lol yea. But then we started talking. I liked him. He liked me. One problem: he had a girlfriend. So blah blah blah again he dumped her eventually and we went out. We had a perfect relationship, from our first date when we didn't talk but I spilt popcorn all over myself, to when he finally held my hand when we went to Sparkle's, when we went to the pool, and then when some of his brothers came over and his cousin and we had a dance party. His brothers Cody, Tyler, and Anthony called me their sister, and his cousin Michael said we were cousins. Then I became close to Rj which is his brother or something in Alabama and he called me awesome girl. We were only like 11 and 12 at the time. Then I realized that I thought Cj still liked Kiana, that girlfriend he had had. So I lied to him and said I liked Cody and dumped him. I still don't know why I did that, but I was a stupid 11 year old. He went out with Kiana again and I thought I had been right. I cried and cried and finally I told him how I felt and that I couldn't loose him and eventually we got back together. This time we went out for three months and we loved each other. I moved to Marietta, 30 minutes away and it still worked. We always talked on the phone and he lived right behind my old neighborhood and him and Regan were best friends so I saw them both on the weekends. We were even each other's first kiss. But he decided out of the blue that this girl in Kennesaw that he only kind of liked was better for him cause she was closer. He said it hurt too much to not get to see me. He went out with Sarah and then Camila, and then Sydney. I fell into a depression. I literally had like no friends at my new school and Cj and Regan were all that I had. About 8 months later he decided getting over me wasnt working and he let me know how he felt. Now we have the bet relationship we've had and I love him. He means so much to me and now that he's back to himself, he's the sweetest guy anyone could ever meet. I might only be fourteen, but this boy has taken over the last three years of my life and I know I truly love him and everyone can see that he truly loves me. It's about to get really hard since he is now going to stay with his dad and Cody in Alabama, two hours away. He said he'll never give up and he's trying to come say goodbye. He said he will make our goodbye worth it all. When he turns sixteen in one year, he'll come back. Maybe even before that.

I left out A LOT. If you want to ask me about any little details like Cody and Regan's relationship or more about me and Cj or ANYTHING else, please feel free to email me. I would love it.(: thanks for reading. Email me ideas for new posts. THANKS. 💗